Asahi Art Festival 2016

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See all the photographs of 365 days in super-high-speed slide show.In this method the artists make artworks by the photographs of 365 days a year taken by unknown "somebody" related to local people(ex.factorylabor ,office worker,artists,kids) in geumcheon and fesitival and exhibit them and the production process.      



Mikke Photo Dojo: Find something every 30 seconds!!


On January 31st, 2011, the grand master, Takayoshi Kitagawa (contemporary artist) tried to take more than 1000 pictures on the day from morning till night. After that, Kitagawa created about 4 minute high speed slide show, 0.2 seconds per a picture, using those pictures for pleasure. "Mikke Photo Dojo: Find every 30 seconds!! " started from this slide show. The pictures taken following the rule which is to show everything with no deletion or editing showed concentrated images containing what Kitagawa saw in what way, and what interested him. Since then, Kitagawa have been looking forward to doing this with somebody else. After that, when he visited shared atelier Konohana media located in Konohana ward in Osaka,Kitagawa looked at the community whose atomosphere was so unique, and he wanted to do that play here. Thus, with the artists in Konohana, he named this play "Mikke Photo Dojo: Find every 30 seconds!! " (30 byou ni 1 kai Mikkeru Shashin Dojo), and he held "Training Hall (Dojo)" which is renamed from Workshop, in Konohana area. After this, it came up in small conversation topic, and Kitagawa held "Training Hall (Dojo)" in many places, such as Kagoshima, Shobara in Hiroshima, Enokojima in Osaka and Zoshigaya in Tokyo. And, Kitagawa is expanding his activities such as festivals and exhibitions including heterogeneous collaboration, on a trial basis.

2016 年度参加団体