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Getting Together: Seeking Regional Research Methods (Draft)

Asahi Art Festival 2016


We are getting ideas from what each member has thought in our place of residence: Isezaki City in Gunma, Hachioji City in Tokyo, Shizuoka City in Shizuoka. Then, based on our regional research activities at the Art Labo Hashimoto organized by the “Doronuma (bog)” Community in Sagamihara City, Kanagawa, which we have worked on for one year and a half since October 2014, we will continue such activities in other areas. The methodology of such regional research is not what the government and corporations come up with. Rather, we make the best of a microscopic perspective that every individual has. We try, consider, and raise a question about various approaches of art involved in a specific region. We will also consider how to present the results while holding an exhibition of activity report and a public talk, and sending information using web service.





We started the Doronuma Travel in March 2012 which people who had met at a party of an art event went traveling together later. Then, we held a stay-over event called the “Doronuma Sou(lodge)”. We participated in the public talk titled “Shiojiri Conversations#2” held in Shiojiri, Nagano, organized by CAMP and art & river bank. To portray people getting together as a Doronumacommunity, we changed our name to the Doronuma, and have continued our activities. We participated in the Asahi Art Festival in 2016. The closer relationship we get in when getting together, the more destructive relationship we can get into. That means we are bogged down, that is, “Doronuma”. To regard getting-together as negative word like Doronuma, we are seeking the meaning of individual with different way of thinking sit at the same table to talk.

2016 年度参加団体