Asahi Art Festival 2016


Two approaches to Micro Residence

①Considering the relationship between region community and art , Artist in Residence is refered often recently than before. In this condition we attempt to rethink about the meaning and possibility of Artist in Residence .This year we attempt to investigate the problem in various aspect through mainly comparing two artists' work and specific sites where have special features .

②On the one hand  based on artists' physical and intuitive reaction not becoming too analytical, we will consider the problem  through the artist activity and creation.On the other hand we will research about the background of the town, history and structure of the architecture.For developing the activity of the future, we will continue the research of the other area inside and outside of Japan,too.



Komyoji - Kaikan


Komyoji-kaikan is the base of art activity, the reclamation of the community, a design workshop of the Yamate district in Onomichi. Acting as regionally-oriented art center, we hold not only Aritst in residence ”AIR Onomichi” which is the main event of this facility, but also various activities. For example Komyoji-kaikan School (holding lectures by various lecturer), Short Stay Program (supporting program for young artists), Air zine Editing office (editing zine and creating archives) and so on.

2016 年度参加団体