Vertical Stripe Art Project 2016 ”Who are you,EBISU ?

Asahi Art Festival 2016


Puppeteers at Nishinomiya Shrine known as Ebisukaki had been promoting to spread Ebisu worship nationwide for over 1000 years since the late Heian period. Ebisukaki disappeared in the middle Meiji period.We started to learn about this traditional puppet play in order to bring it back to life, and then got a question such as "Ebisu, who are you?".The events which help share ideas about Ebisu have taken place once a month from May, and then we decided to create the art project related to Ebisu.    





Tatejima Art Project Executive Commitee


Our project is mainly managed by high school students. The project aims to ignite their passion for art and to connect people and the local community by arts. The executive commitee consists of 10 people who are staff members at Shinkoshien shopping center, Nishinomiya-Imazu high school teachers, and it's graduates. We support students by creating an environment that students easily study issues and local children participate in the region activities. Also, we intend to stimulate the region through the activities and hope the local people come to like the area and art more.

2016 年度参加団体