Self Matsuri

Asahi Art Festival 2016


 We are holding Self Maturi in Shinsekai Market .It is nere the TSUTENKAKU tower,Tourist attraction place in Osaka.Location Shinsekai markets have a history that goes more than 100 years to be able,It is aimming for invigorating local communities and new cultural creation by Artists,Shopkeepers and Matsuri’s guests. There are many vacant stores in this festival area so we use them to expression artists and guestswhatsomeexbitions,short performance,music live,cover with art works at overall arcade. And from this yaer, we are going to work as a “Do Self Matsuri anywhere” To expand the activities in other regions, it will expand the environment in which the festival by move in cooperation with local organizations produced spontaneously across the country.



Self Matsuri Executive Committee


Self Maturi will be the 5 years in this year, We emphasis on these "OSAKA" specific .We aim to communicate with shopkeepers and local residents , By Artists and participants to stay in the markets and make some production, Person circulates to the markets and create new idea and do some events for regain a vibrant community. By recruiting a wide range of participants, To create a new connection to create the environment, such as the participants to each other is inspired.Popularity of the Markets increases by continuing the self Matsuri, is five stores opened new in four years.

2016 年度参加団体