Let’s talk about love, marriage, having baby, raising children, work, daily life and birth-aging-sickness-death ( What we call “Kon-katsu; marriage action” )

Asahi Art Festival 2016


“Kon-katsu; marriage action”, “raising children” or “migration from cities” are the basic issues for any local societies with aging population and lower birthrate. These topics are so personal, that should have deeper perspective with more varieties. Developing an exhibition & workshops “Bon Odori -What is marriage?” by “Bonjin Unit (Seira Uchida + Hiroka Shimizu)” in the conservative society,  we try to create environment to feel free to talk about love,  marriage,  having baby, raising children, work, daily life and birth-aging-sickness-death.



Yama Yama Art Center


This is a network to survive here in the North Kinki region, set up by Mari Ishiwata, a visual artist who got a new perspective as a wife and a mother here in the mountains after a vagabond life. “Iroiro Yattemiru Club (various challenge club)” with local people of 20-80 years old + children creates “Konoatari no Shinbun (newspaper around here)” once a month and an open space “Yamayama Lounge” once a week.  We don’t unit. We don’t necessarily achieve a goal. We value “Journey in our everyday life” and try to widen lovely space day by day. Through bittersweet of human relationships, this is Art Center in progress never get completed, supported by the surrounding mountains.

2016 年度参加団体