Let's get talented!!

Asahi Art Festival 2016


~For anyone who has never seen the show~ Once one realizes how interesting people with disabilities can be, one can find charm in their "faults." This is the crux of what we at Lets are about. We hope to bring society around to our point of view by opening people's minds. Hamamatsu city, where we at Lets are based, is a member of the UNESCO Creative Cities Network as a city of music. This time we are leaving behind the welfare establishment and casting our net all over Japan to audition and gather people who are truly interested in music. We will aim to shine a light on the unknown and the unheralded and have an eclectic music celebration.



Non- Profit Organization Creative Support "Let's"


Creative Support Lets strives to help create a town where people with disabilities can live a cultured and fulfilling life as a member of society and to create a society that accepts, understands and lives together with "differences". The underlining mission of the organization is the promotion of diversity created by various people intermingling with each other whilst valuing one another's individuality, and believes in the importance of individuals' personal passion leading to the creation of culture.

2016 年度参加団体