1089 Attractive discovery project of Art in IWAKI (Continue)

Asahi Art Festival 2016


Jicchu-Hakku is the group which express various cultural sources in Iwaki from unique perspective. Our group shares such source with not only young people but also elder people. This year we are going to produce the history of Miyazaki Kashio who was the leader of the underground scene in Iwaki. He used to run the coffee shop named Bourbon. We are making movies, art works. We also hold a live concert. We hope to send our message with our unique activities. We try to contact various organizations. 





Mission 1 : Festival of Bourborn.
We try making songs using unfound cultural sources. We are going to have a live concert and make a short film. We feature Miyazaki Kashio with respects. He died this April. He was 91 years old. He contributed much to Iwaki culture.We would like to have an exhibition which tributes to him. Mission 2: Taira Bon Dance with much fun (workshop and live concert )
Taira Bon Dance started more than 90 years ago. It is held every year. This dance is carried with help of Shirogane shopping area. We are going to collaborate Project Fukushima and Pre Bon Dance event. We will hold workshop for the collaboration. Our goal is to make ‘the comfortable place for everyone’. We should understand each other and accept each person’s idea. Our activity and project will bring the place to life and make people in Iwaki more happy.

2016 年度参加団体