Shinjuku Art Project

Asahi Art Festival 2016


The project attempts to provide a view of how diversity can work together and enhances the potential of intercultural youth. The project consists of three phases: 1) resource finding, 2) recruiting intercultural participants, 3)advocating diversity’s potential to the society. As the 1st phase, this year, the project focuses especially on the intercultural youth. Using media such as photography and ZINE to describe the daily life of migrants, the project seeks to capture and visualize the current issue/potential of intercultural youth. It overall aims to provide an opportunity for the intercultural youth to be socially engaged through creative approach and to attain skills such as planning, creative thinking and teamwork though supporting project management. 







kuriya runs project that “empower participants to feel the positive aspects of being different”. Their focus is the promotion of a more diverse society to provide Japan with more potential in the future. Be it national and ethnic background, ability or sexual orientation the organisation believe that having a broad range of people with diverse points of view and skills working together is a much more powerful approach to solving issues.

2016 年度参加団体