Maebashi Works 2016

Asahi Art Festival 2016

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Maebashi Works is an art space used as a studio, a gallery and an event venue, located in a commercial area in Maebashi city center. This space is ran by various including local artists, curators and students.We have held a wide range of events such as exhibitions, talks, music events and artist-in -residency programs.We will hold the open-studio by arists, talk events by curators and music events as our continuous practice to engage a various type of people.





Maebashi Works


Established in 2013, Maebashi Works runs a space which can be used as a galley or an art studio along the shopping street in the Maebashi downtown area in Gunma Prefecture. The group that runs the space consists of Maebashi-based artists, curators, and an educator. We have offered various programs such as exhibitions, talk events, and workshops, which have instigated dialogue and exchange not only among art enthusiasts but also with the local communities. We aim to increase opportunities to access art and encourage the local art scene to broadly transmit their high quality art works.

2016 年度参加団体