Exchange by Devil Fish--Takoyaki!!

Asahi Art Festival 2016


Team Exchanger invite artist Riki Takeda who stays for a half year of 2016.  Team member and he try to “exchange” something in both community “Philippine - Japan”.Our tool is Octopus and Takoyaki.  In Philippine, people hate octopus as a Devil Fish, and Takoyaki transform its style in there.  Not only members go to Philippine, but also having some events in Japan.In Kyoto (10th of April) we had Takoyaki party with mutual lectures by NPO ceo and Philippine art researcher.In Yokohama (in the end of August) , we are going to have talk event with some people around performing arts.  Especially Karnabal festival in Philippine, and some Japanese artists who join it try to change society and change people’s images about performing arts.Then in Osaka, members report event will have in this season.



Team Exchanger (The Philippines-Japan)


Team Exchanger is a group of citizen which try to communicate with other ethnic group, community and cultures by “something” in the community in experimental way. Yuko Kitamura a.k.a. Yuko Nexus6 and Junko Kawamoto found it in 2015. Our concept is that try to do international communication as individual or small group not as big institute. For 2016, “something” is “soul food”, area is Philippine and Japan. So we call ourself “Team Exchanger (Philippine Japan)”. We invite artist Riki Takeda who does 3 years project (2015-2017) in “Karnabal Festival” Philippine. He’s going to be performer, reporter and organizer in Philippine.

2016 年度参加団体