Asahi Art Festival 2016


We are holding series of fieldwork type workshops with children in Shitsumi area. In the workshops, we look for graduates of the former Shitsumi Elementary School, or teachers who used to teach there in order to listen to their memories at the time when they were using the school. Based on the materials gained from the workshops, we will create a performance / exhibition. Artists are required to be involved from the process of the workshops. Also, collaborating with Kyotamba cable TV, we going to create this as a documentary program, and deliver it to the wide range of people both outside and inside the town.





BRDG was established in 2011 by Keiko Yamaguchi and Kano Kawanabe. It functions as a place where each of them proceed own projects. We have been presenting theatre pieces in various places such as, live house, cafe, art museum, and Machiya. Shitsumi Art Project was started in 2013 based in Kyotamba Shitsumi area. It aims to create a friendly place for children to do art, and re-find values of the area from a perspective of art. We hold workshops, events and filmmaking with young artists based in Kyoto city.

2016 年度参加団体