Hijikata Tatsumi memorial30 “At the village of Danseuse malade, from Akita to the world

Asahi Art Festival 2016


Hijikata Tatsumi, who was born in Akita and the founder of Butoh, passed away 30 years ago. This year is the 30th anniversary of Hijikata's death. We will hold Butoh performances of dancers related to Hijikata,"Night of Ankoku Butoh" as monthly meeting, the reading of " Danseuse malade" as weekly meeting and the reader’s Theater continuing last year.. We make an appeal to public for its significance Today of Hijikata's Butoh through translating "Danseuse malade" to Akita-ben and deciphering and reading it. 





Hijikata Tatsumi memorial Akita Butoh society


The purposes of our activities are reevaluating Butoh and its founder Hijikata through dance history and natural features of Akita and setting up a worldwide base of Butoh and Hijikata's art in Akita. To achieve them, we define Hijikata's Butoh as the cultural material in Akita and appeal it to people to related to art and culture both within and outside Japan. We have been carrying out a variety of events such as butoh performances, butoh workshops, exhibitions, lectures, reader’s Theater and bus tours since founding the society in 2013.

2016 年度参加団体