Itoshima Arts Farm 2016

Asahi Art Festival 2016

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Itoshima is a rural area surrounded by nature and cultivated land, adjacen to Fukuoka urban area.
The area has been noticed in a nationwide way since many artists and artisans started moving in some years ago.  From time immemorial, arts have been born to thank gods for a good harvest. All arts can be considered ritual and, since the Northern Kyushu region with Itoshima as its center was the first area to learn agriculture from overseas, it can be said that Itoshima is also where many arts were born. Noticing the many possibilities of art in Itoshima, we decided to hold this very earthbound art festival, organized as an experiment in which we explore a way of life where people lives and their produce are closely tied to art.
With a span going from rice plating in spring to harvest in autumn, we will organize various art exhibitions and workshops, and explore the possibilities of a current culture very bound to an area.



Itoshima Arts Farm Executive Committee


The aim of this project is to connect in a transversal way the expressive activities and the production activities carried out in Itoshima, with art as a medium. Then, to explore the possibilities of new art revitalizing the area and increasing the level of maturity of our culture.

2016 年度参加団体