Oki Art Trial 2016 "Network Connecting Space and Time"

Asahi Art Festival 2016

oki2016_01_焼火 の岩から.jpg

The theme of our art project this year is "Network Connecting Space and Time". Last year we focused on "Rocks of Oki" and were able to trace the footsteps of monks who once led ascetic lives within the natural topography of the islands. This year we will add to this focus the keywords "Journey of Emperor Godaigo - Island Exile". We will carry out such activities as fieldwork, art production workshop and group discussions where participants will have a chance to discover the connections between space and time. Through this, participants will have a chance to make current-day networking connections that will be of benefit to one another.



Oki Art Trial executive committee


This group was established in 2006 with the aim of bringing artists from the mainland to the Oki Islands to actively collaborate with local people and search for connections that will have positive benefits for both the artists and the local community. The main theme of our activities is to place a spotlight on special things that have been lost or forgotten and share these with the community in the form of art.

2016 年度参加団体