Art Bridge on Kasaoka Islands 2016

Asahi Art Festival 2016


The decline of main industry, depopulation driven by a low birth rate and aging, and access to school and medical welfare require immediate actions on the picturesque Kasaoka Islands. Meanwhile, the traditional art and culture has been handed down to children. In the context on the islands, you feel with all five bodily senses that one not only lives in a visible world but has been protected by ancestors and nature. The elderly people on these islands with vitality who are living their final years by using most of their career are sight specific. Artists will stay and produce at the house of a former village headman on Shiraishi-jima, a ruin of a quarry on Kitaki-jima, a vacant house on Mushima. They will cross an art bridge from the islands in such a way as if weaving a new value by intertwining an axis of time that seems stalled on the islands  and an axis of encounter.



NPO Heart Art Link


The group carries out: “Artlink Project” in which one professional artist partners up with one person with disabilities and create an art work together; “Cultural Festival on Kasaoka Islands”; “Okayama Art Corridor- Tenjin MAM”; “Niche Café in Town” as well as sending artists to schools and facilities or condust workshops in busy shopping areas. They organized “Takamatsu Artlink”, as part of Setouchi Internaitional Art Festival. From FY 2014, the group has been engaged in a program to send artits to facilities throughout the City of Takamatsu for a year. Since 2007 it has been continuing interchanges with NPO Artlink in Florida, USA.

2016 年度参加団体