Tobiu Art Festival 2016

Asahi Art Festival 2016


Young artists who live in Tobiu Art Community have held "Tobiu Art Festival" its theme is “We dream the same dreams” every year since 2009.Various people regardless of age or their place of residence gather to join "Tobiu no Morizukuri project" creating attractive woods as the stage of "dream" for several months.We also have held the long-term workshop with local elementary school pupils and art classes for local inhabitantsUpon celebrates the 30th anniversary of the organization this year, so far. In addition to issue a summary commemorative magazine activities, visitors and exchange enhancement of the workshops and to promote the "Tobiu no Morizukuri Project" in the bird nest to produce the "Tupiu NEST".



Tobiu Art Community


Tobiu Art Community uses a building which used to be the Tobiu Elementary School as a art studio. The elementary school was closed down due to the decrease in children. In recent years, young artists from cities and various types of people have joined us to work on the Tobiu Art Festival, Tobiu no Morizukuri project (lit. The Creation of Woods of “Tobiu”), the Shiraoi Residence Workshop. Established in 1986.

2016 年度参加団体