Movie screening project for the voyage - The park flies in the air with the magical cat

Asahi Art Festival 2016


The movie "Magical Cat", children in Nikko-shi, Tochigi are producing from fiscal year 2015.It started from the subject which concerns a local area, and the movie was changing into the viewpoint which catches "creation" again.The director of the movie (Riu Ogiwarara : Ashio junior high school student / Runa Sato :Nikko-Meiho high school student) will do movie screening while traveling.



Shimbun-sha Project


This activity began from the artist having done the renovation of the one former newsboy store in 2010. The adults and children of a town have gathered for the space named "Shimbun-sha" in natural. But, there was no directivity said how it should say why the place was produced in "Shimbun-sha." Children began to move “Shimbun-sha” from when freely, saying "a cafe is used if it is me", and "a place like the park in which everybody can gather is used." "Shimbun-sha" became like a "project" unawares, such as also taking in being targeted at a tourist, and the opinion of the person of a town. However, since "Shimbun-sha" reflects the purpose of children or each those who are concerned, it always is not fixed. Now, for the time being, it is irregular, and focusing on the "cafe project" to carry out, as the dyed goods using the plant of a town, and bases, such as movie work, a child, an adult, and an artist are equal up, and is going in the position in and out.

2016 年度参加団体