Scab Chrysalis

Asahi Art Festival 2015


1. Exhibition  “Scab chrysalis” Work-in-progress project by MOUHITORI.  By giving a stabilized place vibration, we transform the functions of Komyoji-Kaikan gradually.“ONLY CONNECT” A series of consecutive exhibitions organized by artists residing in the area. (Akira Yasuda, Yutaka Inagawa, MOUHITORI, Tomoe Murakami and others)“Zine circus” Exhibition of zine collections gathered from all over Japan

2. Komyoji-Kaikan school program: Inviting various artists and curators, we will hold a series of lectures.

3. AIR zine editing office: AIR zine Vol. 4 “Tube” will be published.By running a book reading circle, we focus on problems in the region and art.





Komyoji-Kaikan is working as an art center of the Yamate district in Onomichi to develop art activities, restore the community and produce design works in the area. Acting as a regionally-oriented art center, we hold not only an artist-in-residence program ”AIR Onomichi,” which is our main program, but also other various activities. For example, we are engaged in some programs including Komyoji-Kaikan School (Lectures by various lecturers,) Short Stay Program (supporting program for young artists,) Air zine Editing office (Publishing of zine and creating of the archives) and others.

2015 年度参加団体