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Hikoushiki Bussan Ten (Unofficial local product exhibition)

Asahi Art Festival 2015


“Hikoushiki Bussan Ten (Unofficial local product exhibition)” is a small-scaled, private and participatory “local product exhibition” that exhibits shapeless things including experiences, memories and interactions while traveling, as if they are local products.  We do not buy or sell products, but create a space for interaction with a keyword of “traveling.”  “Hikoushiki Aomori Bussan Ten (Unofficial Aomori local product exhibition)” held in 2011 was renamed as “Hikoushiki Bussan Ten” in 2013 and we newly started its planning and operation.From the time of foundation, we don’t have any activity base and keep moving to places where the exhibitions are held.  We are working on activities with a focus on events developed in cooperation with the local people and other participants.




2015 年度参加団体