Taiwa Kobo

Asahi Art Festival 2015


Taiwakobo has a purpose to regain lost "Places and Opportunities for Dialogue and Expression" for people affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake, based on a relationship with the local people.  10 members (artists, architects and editors) were gathered together in Onagawa from all over the country after the 3.11 earthquake.  Through creations, considerations and experiences together with people, we support the community to reconsider their hometown and recreate their places to restart their new lives by themselves.  Each member brought back what they learnt from the activities to his or her hometown to introduce and make use of it in their daily lives not as an outsider but as a concerned party.Our main activity provides cares to people through narrative arts, nurtures mutual understanding between the affected communities and others, plans workshops or seminars, and transmits information as well as records people's activities.  The important point is to create a partnership with people by eliminating the invisible border derived from abstract prejudice that separates the victims from the society.We will keep maintaining and expanding the relationship for future and people.


2015 年度参加団体