Busshozan Performing Arts Walk Project

Asahi Art Festival 2015


The Busshozan area once flourished as a town around a temple that was constructed by the Matsudaira family in the Edo era.
In this project, we will go on a tour of the town with a map in our hand and produce and represent a performing art while strolling about the area where memories and stories of the land rise from.



Busshozan town planning room + Pepin tructural designs


This is a project team consisting of "Busshozan Town Planning Room" and "Pepin Structural Designs." "Busshozan Town Planning Room" was established with 6 members in 2014 as a voluntary organization that plays a role in development of the Busshozan area. "Pepin Structural Designs" is a performing art company based in Yokohama, which has been frequently visiting the Busshozan area for field work since 2013.

2015 年度参加団体