Record and storage of Teshima’s local cultures.

Asahi Art Festival 2015


We will interview people in Shodo island and make a film based on what we hear from them.[Interview]We are going to listen to wide-ranging stories about lives in the island and social events they have had including:- Stories related to Daishiko (a festive folk event often related to the great Buddhism teachers), Konpira (Guardian deity of seafarers), Kannon (Deity of Mercy) and other folk beliefs as well as festivals remaining in Teshima- History of livelihoods and industries in Teshima- Folk tales and myths remaining in Teshima[Screen show]Screening of a film made in this project and other films related to stories passed by word of mouth[Strolling workshop]Walking around the island, we will conduct a fieldwork based on what we learned in the project to share them with all participants.



Teshima no Mado


In 2013, Teshima no Mado established its hub in a space in the Teshima Ienourahama area where 40-year-ago livelihood still remains. Since then, we usually open the space as a tea room and library and conduct workshops, screening shows and talk shows about twice a week. At the same time, we do a research on livelihood in the island and things related to folklore to archive them.

2015 年度参加団体