Art Bridge on Kasaoka Islands

Asahi Art Festival 2015


The picturesque Kasaoka Islands are facing issues such as depopulation due to low birth rate and aging population, abolition of schools and limited access to medical and welfare services, which require immediate actions.  On the other hand, every visitors find the islands with full of entertainment with its traditional art, culture, warm relationships and cordial dialogues with the islanders.  Elder islanders who actively enjoy their last days  leveraging their careers are also the site-specific strength in the islands.  The islands may be categorized as marginal settlements as more than 50% of the population is 65 year old or over, but the islands themselves are not at all exhausted.  The islands demonstrate many different types of alternative ways of life.  You will find a future society in these islands.  Artists will stay and work at a house belonged to a former village head of Shiraishijima (Shiraishi island), a former quarry in Kitakijima (Kitaki Island) and a vacant house in Mushima (Mu Island).  They will intertwine the time axis in the islands which appears to stand still with their own time axes to create new values and build an art bridge from these islands.



NPO Heart Art Link


The group carries out “Artlink Project” in which one professional artist partners with one person with a disability and create an art work together, “Cultural Festival on Kasaoka Islands,” “Okayama Art Corridor- Tenjin MAM,” and “Niche Café in Town” as well as sends artists to schools and facilities and conduct workshops in busy shopping areas. We organized “Takamatsu Artlink”, as a part of the Setouchi Internaitional Art Festival. Since 2014, the group has been engaged in a program to send artits to facilities around Takamatsu city through a whole year. From 2007, we continue international interchanges with a NPO, Artlink in Florida, USA.

2015 年度参加団体