Knit the town

Asahi Art Festival 2015


This is a collaboration program with communities in Tamashima, Kurashiki city through artists-in-residence and workshops.We will invite Ms. Asuka Miyata, an artist, and ask participants to knit their own designs based on digitalized photographs of sceneries that the participants themselves have taken in Tamashima.  We will use our original equipment which connects a computer and knitting machines that every family used to keep at home.The sceneries and impressive objects around Tamashima will be shown in the knitted fabric and the local people will freely use the fabric to make their own items.Eventually, we will take a snap of the final product with the participant who has taken the photo and the local person who has made the item all together at the place where the photo was taken.We are going to weave sceneries in Tamashima into daily lives of people.



Green Fab Lab Tamashima β


The office of Green Fab Lab Tamashima β is within IDES R LAB, the first laboratory for creative reuse in Japan. The members have been conducting experimental tests that connect digital fabrication to waste materials mainly at a space named Material Library which seeks unprecedented and creative ways to use waste materials while collecting, categorizing, storing and utilizing such waste materials generated in communities. We would like to weave up the community as if it is colorful woven fabric with creators, citizens and students as its warp, and with history and cultures in the town as its woof.

2015 年度参加団体