Vertical Stripe Art Project 2015 –There Go High School Students. Modern in Kugutsu -

Asahi Art Festival 2015


High school students will create art boards based on illustrations designed by local children on the theme “If we have a festival like....”  The art boards will be displayed from October 3rd to November 10th at the Shin-Koshien shopping arcade.  We will use our experiences obtained through our past activities and ideas from the local children to produce the ‘Vertical Stripe Festival’ on November 3rd.  Also, high school students will create modern versions of Kugutsu (puppet) with an artist, Ryoji Kobayashi, and go on a tour in the areas related to puppets in the end of August.In addition, we will make up a supportive song while strolling about Koshien City.





Tatejima Art Project Executive Committee


To have the Shin-Koshien Shopping Arcade in Koshien Abiki-cyo, Nishinomiya, Hyogo as the center of the activities to bind the area and the local people together. Our goal is to create a close connection between the area and the local people so that they can grow together actively. The main supporters are senior students of Hyogo Imazu High School, who have joined "Imazu Produce" as an optional subject at the school. The Vertical Stripe Art Project Committee is taking care of extra paper works for them. Local high school students will produce Enlarged Vertical Stripe Art based on original designs drawn by local children. Based on this activity (October 3rd to November 10th), we will develop an art festival which will take root in the area on November 30th. Also, the students will perform an original modern version of ‘Figure-Ebisukaki’ based on a traditional street performance Ebisukaki, originally deriving from the Nishinomiya Shrine. We also explore possibilities of traditional street performance with dolls, which is the origin of the Japanese puppet show and Bunraku play, in the modern world.

2015 年度参加団体