Self Festival

Asahi Art Festival 2015


We are holding Self Maturi in the Shinsekai Market, which is located near the TSUTENKAKU tower, a must-see landmark for tourists in Osaka.  The Shinsekai Markets has over 100 years of history.  Currently, more than half the stores shuttered the businesses.  We will provide artists and participants with such vacant stores for their own shop and exhibition.Also, we will prepare “Self Stage” where people can give their own performances or sing songs, and conduct “Turi Maturi,” which covers the entire arcade with art works.  Also, “Self Mikoshi” which we parade down the street with a self-made portable shrine wearing fancy dresses will be organized.  With these programs, we hold this festival in collaboration with shops in the market.  We aim to create and activate a new culture in the region.



Self Matsuri Executive Committee


It will be the fourth year for Self Matsuri this year. We emphasize on distinct characteristics such as “density” and “laughter” in Osaka as well as its specific “channel of expression.” We aim to communicate with shopkeepers and local residents so that artists and participants can stay in the markets and conduct their creative activities. It will help draw people to the market, come up with a new idea and do some events to reenergize the community. By scouting a wide range of participants, we create a new connection to create an environment where the participants are inspired each other. Through our Self Matsuri project, people have learned about the market more and five stores have newly opened in the market for the past four years.

2015 年度参加団体