Ichijodani Create Camp

Asahi Art Festival 2015


Ichijodani is a historic area where flourished as a cultural city during the Sengoku period (the age of provincial wars in Japan).Now this area is a nature-rich calm place with many historical and cultural resources, whereas it has problems of aging population combined with the diminishing number of children.  We’ll progress activities to rediscover and introduce such local culture resources through the eyes of youth out of the area.At neighboring districts Kawada, “Kawada art camp” has been held for 10 years, which is an art project that college students join and collaborate with local people.  This project has generated outcomes of moving-in young generations and industrial development.  To learn the know-how and accumulated experience of this project, we and Applied Art Institute, the organizer of “Kawada art camp,” will work together on Ichijodani Create Camp.



Ichijo Souzou no Tani(Valley of Creativity) Project / Applied Art Institute


Ichijodani is a place that has many cultural resources such as history, nature, agriculture, food, wisdom of life, traditional events and others. On the other hand, this area has problems of aging population combined with the diminishing number of children and has a difficulty in continuation of the community. Our goal is to make this area creative through rediscovery and introduction of the local cultural resources. In addition, we would like to promote interchange of people through art activities.

2015 年度参加団体