Asahi Art Festival 2015


If our society becomes more tolerant and diverse, maybe we can experience a less anxious and difficult life, without being worried about differences among us.  ‘Creative Support Let’s’ has been striving to discover creativity in building relationships that confront obstacles in the society.  So far, we’ve had people from all over Japan coming to observe and experience ‘Creative Support Let’s.’  Now, we think it is time to take ‘Creative Support Let’s’ beyond Hamamatsu.  Why not try and spend some time, for example, at home or at work with people who have unyielding preferences?  It may lead you to some unique experiences dealing with confusion and confrontation.
Please tell us if you are interested.  We will visit anywhere to meet anyone whom we haven't seen yet.



Non-Profit Organization Creative Supports “Let’s”


Creative Support Lets strives to help create a town where people with disabilities can live a cultured and fulfilling life as a member of society and to create a society that accepts, understands and lives together with "differences." The underlining mission of the organization is promotion of diversity created by various people intermingling with each other whilst valuing one another's individuality. We believe in the importance of individuals' personal passion leading to the creation of culture.

2015 年度参加団体