Shibata Photo Town Project

Asahi Art Festival 2015


The city of Shibata once flourished as a town of the Shibata Castle or of Japanese Imperial Army.  Probably because of the unique history, it retains a cultural heritage of photographs.  It seems that the history of the heritage started around the time when photographs were first introduced into Japan and it still goes on at the present time.  Shibata Photo Town Project (SPTP) focuses on the cultural heritage.  The collective exhibition “Memories of our hometown” is designed to visualize memories of local people by using their photographs so that they can recall and share memories of their land.  The photographs are voluntarily offered to SPTP, and stories about them are collected through interviews conducted by members of SPTP.  Telling stories, local people regain an attachment to their town and feel proud of it.  The exhibition is expected to revitalize both the town and people living in it.



Shibata Photo Town Project Committee


Shibata Photo Town Project (SPTP) is a culture-related project run mainly by local volunteers of the city of Shibata, Niigata. The main purpose of this project is to connect people by encouraging them to rediscover and inherit the value of their hometown through photographs. The event called “Photo Town Shibata” is held every fall and various kinds of old and new photos are exhibited in the vast areas around the city. In addition, collaborating with Keiwa College, the local private school of Shibata, SPTP started an archive-related project called “Shibata Archives”. The purpose of the project is to create digital archives to restore the cultural heritage of photographs found in Shibata. New findings are expected to be presented through the project.

2015 年度参加団体