Odawara -Ta-Asobi

Asahi Art Festival 2015


We organize research visits on folk performing arts, study sessions about contemporary performing arts that get some ideas from folk ones, folk performing arts adopted into other places especially into urban areas, and a series of workshops about dances, costume making, and others.  In  December, we will hold a harvest festival as fruits of these activities, where the participants show their own DENGAKU (ritual music and dancing) which are created based on their free interpretations of folk performing arts and review them each other to share their various viewpoints on “arts” and “fork performing arts”. 





The purpose of our activity is to find new relationships between folk performing arts which are still performed mainly in local areas and most of present-day Japanese people who are born in the area where no folk performing art exists anymore. We reconsider contemporary arts and folk performing arts that are separately considered in the modern social system through studying precedent various challenging attempts and performing the two by ourselves to find appropriate styles for arts in the sustainable society.

2015 年度参加団体