Kunitachi Library Project

Asahi Art Festival 2015

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In 2014, we published “Kunitachi-bunko book list” and distributed it at book stores and public facilities in Kunitachi in order to highlight diversities in the town through collecting narratives written by ordinary people which actually happened in their daily lives.  We would like to create an opportunity to consider the present, past, and future Kunitachi by having people rediscover “never-seen-before Kunitachi.”  Regional development tends to rely on constructive development only.  But our project will propose a new way to learn the town anew and build a better life.



Kunitachi-Bunko Editorial Office


In 2014, Kunitachi-Bunko Project published “Kunitachi-Bunko book list.” By continuing this project, we are going to help “rediscover attractions of the town” and “foster the local identity” this year. In particular, we will create another edition of “Kunitachi-Bunko book list” and conduct talk shows, workshops, and other related events in the Kunitachi area as opportunities for people to share diversities in the town.

2015 年度参加団体