the cookbook of KURIYA: always "do the right thing"

Asahi Art Festival 2015


The project attempts to provide a view of how diversity can work and enhance the potentials of intercultural young people.  The project consists of three phases: 1) resource finding, 2) recruiting intercultural participants, 3) advocating diversity’s potentials to the society.As the 1st phase, the project focuses especially on the intercultural young people this year.  Using media such as photography and ZINE to describe daily lives of immigrants, the project seeks to capture and visualize the current issues/potentials of the intercultural young people.  It aims to provide an opportunity for the intercultural young people to be engaged in the society through creative approaches and to attain skills such as planning, creative thinking and teamwork though supporting the project management.





Shinjuku Art Project


We may be so different in race, nationality, culture and background. But those differences do not prevent us from working together to create a better society. In the era of globalization, we have more opportunity to encounter the differences and live with the diversity. We attempt to create sharing experiences to bind diverse people together through creative approaches and to provide experiences that offer mental and spiritual sustenance.

2015 年度参加団体