O-furoshiki Summit & O-furoshiki Kouta

Asahi Art Festival 2015


O-furoshiki Project was born in August 2011 at an open-air festival in Fukushima.  This movement has been expanded to other prefectures where O-furoshiki mills were established.  Now, each mill draws in new staffs, procures fabrics, runs sawing machines to produces their own O-furoshiki.  Each one of O-furoshiki which a variety of colors, designs and materials stitched all together exudes unique presence as a symbol of diversity and collaboration as well as a visual tool which generates a festive atmosphere.  Based on this O-furoshiki network triggered in Fukushima which is still expanding somehow, we are going to “blow our own horn (Ofuroshiki wo Hirogeru)” more loudly this year.  We are going to make up O-furoshiki Kouta, a work song, and host an O-furoshiki summit meeting where the all O-furoshiki teams get together to enjoy the diverse, flexible and supra-regional network.



Project FUKUSHIMA! Art Club


After the Great Earthquake on March 11 in 2011 and the following disaster with the nuclear plant, musicians and poets organized Project FUKUSHIMA! It is now run by volunteers in and out of Fukushima with a slogan, “We have our future in our hands!” Among other projects such as music festivals, schools, dommunes, music contents, we make project’s visual images such as O-furoshiki projects, making flags and decorations. Many people come to volunteer from in and out of Fukushima. We have more and more participants to run the projects and provide a place for communications.

2015 年度参加団体