Asahi Art Festival 2015


Traveling through the Tohoku coastal area, where was seriously devastated by the Great East Japan Earthquake, we will collect voices of our friends, with whom we have built close relationships through interviews and collaborating projects in the past years. We are a team of a cameraman (video), photographer (still) and an editor/writer.  Our art work will consist of voices of people, movies of scenery, portraits of people and the area, and some texts following up.We hope that our work based on people’s casual voices would be a cue to recollect images how individuals in Tohoku were like or what is important in your own life at this very moment whenever and wherever you are.We plan to exhibit our works at Onagawa, Kyoto, Fukuoka, Tokyo and other places, and if there is an organization that would like to jointly exhibit our works, it will be greatly welcomed.



General Incorporated Association Shinsai Regain


As a medium devoted to earthquakes, we continuously report information related to earthquakes in the world, to let people get ready for the unexpected in their daily lives. Also, we explore ways to pass down our experiences to future generations and how to leverage them for the society so that more people can survive an earthquake. Since 2011, we made interviews across Japan and directly and intermediately supported a wide variety of groups and people. In 2012, we started publishing a free newspaper called “Shinsai-Regain Press” (40,000 copies circulated in Japan). This year, we are going to establish a new system to share and resolve challenges we experienced in 3.11 to prepare for the next earthquake.

2015 年度参加団体