Asahi Art Festival 2015


We make a huge original kaleidoscope of Japanese cedar, an indigenous special product of Sumita Town.  We place it in one of traditional storehouses which are historical resources of Sumita Town, and light it up with lanterns made by women of Sumita Town.  People can actually enter into the kaleidoscope and experience the wonder.  It is an attempt to combine individually-existed resources into one art work.  We exhibit it on the day of the Sumita Summer Festival and make it open to the public.  During the school summer vacation, we go on an exhibition tour in Sumita Town to let many people enjoy the huge kaleidoscope.  Also, we are having some workshops to make cubic kaleidoscopes. 



Home of Wisdom


The purpose of this organization is to nurture mentally and physically healthy children by offering activities to stir children’s imagination, creativity, interest, and attention as well as to carry out events to promote the regional development, focusing on culture, art, and education. We are having workshops at kinder gardens, after-school daycare houses, and a meeting places for temporary housings. We also hold events in the Kesen Region.

2015 年度参加団体