Quality and Communication of Arts(QaCoA)

Asahi Art Festival 2015

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In order to promote art and its utilization as a social capital, we conduct projects to support individuals and organizations which are engaged in art activities, and introduce their activities to the public as well as work as a bridge between the artists and local communities which receive such services.  We aim to develop our region in cooperation with people with initiative, expressiveness and creativity to contribute to the public benefit.  We first participated in AAF in 2005 and developed an art project in the Mitsuhama area, Matsuyama city, which is still going on at this moment.  Also, we run a local activity group for an international art festival “Dogo Onsenart 2014” last year.We marked the 10th anniversary in August last year and would like to start a new stage of our activities.


2015 年度参加団体