Kawaramachi Art Award 2015 (KAA2015)

Asahi Art Festival 2015


On every second Sunday, we have been holding "Kawaramachi Art Day."  As the culmination, we conduct "Kawaramachi Art Award (KAA)" once a year, which is an art battle where genre-straddling artworks are screened from various perspectives and get a prize under two sectors of contemporary art and cultural market.  The purpose of KAA is to improve artists’ skills, create a place for their activities, and achieve their economical independence.To make the next leap, we plan to expand KKA to the Art Award in Kumamoto.  We hope it will provide artists in the next generation with playing fields to stir their challenging spirits and motivations.



Research Institute of Cultural Development, Kawaramachi


Based in Kawaramachi, Kumamoto, which is a wholesale district of fabric in the Kumamoto castle town, we promote cultural activities in Kumamoto. We conduct "Kawaramachi Art Day" on every second Sunday. We support and nurture artists working in Kumamoto provide them with places for their expressive activities and exchange. We are also engaged in preservation of our traditional cultures. We transmit related information to the Kumamoto area and others.

2015 年度参加団体