Kama Gei in Hachinohe: A day laborer of Kamagasaki goes to meet an ‘Itako,’ domestic blind female necromancer in Hachinohe, triggered by a movie, "Tanigawa-san, please create one poem."

Asahi Art Festival 2015


1. Introduction of Kama Gei, and Workshop for writing poems by Kanayo Ueda. Noriyuki Sakashita, who is a student of Kama Gei, and Kanayo Ueda, a poet and Representative Director of Cocoroom hold a Kama Gei workshop so as to introduce the present situation of Kamagasaki and the attempt of Kama Gei.  In addition, we will have another workshop, “As a Seed of Mind,” for writing poems while having interviews with each other.2. Meeting for exchange of ideas with artists and civil activists in Hachinohe, titled “Officiousness, expression and group dynamics.”We will have a conference for discussion and exchange of each other’s views, focusing on emotion that generates in their daily businesses.  We hope this event empower people who work for this kind of businesses.3. Report conference in Kamagasaki in order to feed back what is achieved through these activities to people in this area.



The Room That is Full of Voice, Words, and Hearts(cocoroom)


●Expressions and Practices = “Full of Voice” Expressions are actions from active spirits by your own will, and give you an opportunity to learn meaning of human being's existence which tends to be lost in this mass information society. Practices make you find courage and take the responsibility to dive into the reality. We take these sets of actions and create the environment which you can easily take the actions. ●Conveyance and Seeking = “Words” Words are lights. The lights are effectively conveyed by words which have depth and expanded experience about existence of human beings. Nowadays, it is often said that talks and communication are important, but we think more specifically that we should seek words which are used in the region of expanded mind. We operate what is confirmed by words and carry it into actions. ●Independence and Autonomy = “Heart” With changing times, the role of expression became a task which fundamentally relates with living. Through these vital activities, you have an opportunity to think yourself deeply and consolidate a spirit of independence and autonomy. The essence of our operation is steps to independence and autonomy toward the future.

2015 年度参加団体