Abukuma contemporary culture transmission project (from kakuda delusion conference)

Asahi Art Festival 2015


Kakuda city in Miyagi prefecture is a basin located in the southern part of the prefecture, where a kuninomiyatsuko (ancient regional administrator) placed its government in the age before the Taika Reforms, and where was run by the Ishikawa family, head of the Date feudal clan in the Edo era.  With the magnificent Abukuma river running through the basin, the area once experienced flowering of culture as a stopping point of water transportation.  The textile and sericulture industries prospered and its specialty of umbrellas and minos (straw raincoat) were popular at that time.  Although agriculture and other industries are active still now, the city seems to have left such gorgeous culture somewhere.  In order to discover the past anew and nurture new dimensions, we will dig deep into the city.

■abukuma beatniks

 ■Screening of documentary films, panel session

■"Time for lacquering and chopsticks" workshop 


2015 年度参加団体