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Asahi Art Festival 2015


To create a place for expressions and communications among artists and people in the area as well as of the world , we open the Denchu Hirakushi house and our studio in Uenosakuragi, Tokyo to the public once a month.[Days to relish the Denchu House and Studio]: 11:00~15:00 Every 4th Sunday (28 Jun., 26 Jul., 23 Aug., 27.Sep.)[Institute of the wind and play]: 14:00~16:30, once a month Also, we will scout young artists for art plans so that they can create their works in the Denchu studio and deepen their creativity among the people around the site.Exhibitions will be held in Sep. and Oct. in 2015.



Denchus: Taito Cultual & Historical Society, Okatte of Yanaka, Denchu Lab.


Denchus is a group of people who study the history of Yanaka area and restore the cultural artifacts of the area. We are especially eager to make the Denchu House as a place for new art creation and exchange. Denchu Hirakushi(1872-1979) was a pioneer Japanese modern wood sculptor. His house and studio became vacant and damaged around 2000. Volunteers cleaned the house and restored it. In 2004, it became revived with exhibitions and cultural events. In order to restore the house, it still needs a serious repair. We also plan art exhibitions, works with the local neighbors, and create the framework to run a new cultural center. From 2014, we are letting artists to use it as his/her open studio. Our group intends to record and share the steps to restore the Denchu House and create the place for expressions and communications among the artists and people in the area as well as of the world.

2015 年度参加団体