Koza Crossing 2015

Asahi Art Festival 2015


The Koza Crossing area has a unique history and experiences under repeated regime changes in Okinawa.  Due to its uniqueness, the negative history has been sealed and the area is now almost forgotten, but such circumstances were often focused in local art projects as motif.  Because of the regime changes, people living in this city have completely different sceneries in their memories according to generation.  By expressing their collective unconscious in a mural, a new local resource was born in the area and since then, we have been talking with the people in the town about what we can do with the mural for further development.  To realize the future painted in the mural, we will conduct “Koza Crossing,” an art project on food, art and exchange, as a liberated playing garden for people in any age or sex in cooperation with interesting people drawn to Koza.



Studio Liberated Place


Since 2002, we have conducted experimental activities related to art and locality based in Gintengai, Koza city, Okinawa prefecture. We are now working on art projects that knock doors of indigenous background and folklore, fundamental cultures and senses buried in our time such as animism and old calendar, and collective unconscious in the region.

2015 年度参加団体