Shitsumi Art Project 2015

Asahi Art Festival 2015


We will make interviews of some people whom we’ve met through our Shitsumi Art Project. The interview starts by asking them to tell us old tales that they heard when they were children.  Then, we ask other questions about their lives, how they live at this moment and others.  We would like to think about local charms through these dialogues.Also, we will organize an event and a workshop such as a haunted house or a show tent that many people can enjoy.





BRDG was established in 2011 by Keiko Yamaguchi and Kano Kawanabe who work in the field of performing arts in Kyoto city. Both of them have been producing various events and productions. We have staged our works in a cafe, an art museum, and a Machiya (traditional housing in Kyoto.) At Shitsumi Art Project, we conducted workshops and filmmaking with young artists living in Kyoto city.

2015 年度参加団体