Audience Boot Camp Table 2015 - Satellite Version

Asahi Art Festival 2015


This is a program which has been intermittently conducted since 2012.  We will host a series of lectures and workshops by artists, curators and researchers to provide art audience with opportunities to gain new perspectives and knowledge.  Our aim is to foster more diversified and matured audience in the Tokai area.Some of the members will move from the Tokai area but continue the activities at their new places.  We are going to seek how they can relate to the activities in the Tokai area and continue their activities beyond geographical distances and what they can give back to our local activities.  Based on new connections or perspectives that they might bring into our network, we are going to organize “Audience Boot Camp” for local people.



Art Audience Tables Loplop


Based in Nagoya, Art Audience Tables Loplop ("Loplop") is a group of active arts audience living in the area, originally established in 2010 and renamed in 2011. Loplop encourages the local art audience to get together and create opportunities themselves to share experiences of art appreciation, explore it further and convey to others in the fields of contemporary arts, including fine arts, dances, plays and films. Loplop hosts the "Tsuki-ichi Table", monthly open meetings where the participants propose their ideas on events for art audience. The events include museum tours, lectures by art professionals, study sessions, art review writing courses and more. The members of one of the review courses now operate an online review website. The other course was "AAF School 2014, Nagoya," co-hosted with the AAF Network Executive Committee.

2015 年度参加団体