Small art exhibition set in the Nakayama area, Shodo Island

Asahi Art Festival 2015


In 2011, our Sato of the executive committee and his team produced and exhibited “Nakayama insect mural” in the Nakayama area, Shodo Island.  With this program as a start, we have implemented art projects titled “NAKAYAMA ART & NATURE MUSEUM” since 2013. Our activities until now have been developed around three pillars of environmental conservation, breeding of living things, and education.  In 2013, we newly added a pillar of “Art” to the above three and would like to develop and continue an activity to introduce attractions of Nakayama through art.Our main activities will be as follows: Production and exhibition of art world in the theme of Nakayama; Guide to firefly watching; Breeding and releasing of fireflies; Maintenance of habitat of fireflies; Breeding of Sasakia charonda; Sumo-wrestling with unicorn beetles and others.



Nakayama Art & Nature Museum Executive Committee


All the members excluding PIC of art in the executive committee are aged residents in the Nakayama area. The members who constantly improve the environment and keep good communication with local people are absolutely imperative in the Nakayama area. The project marks its second year this year. We are going to establish a mechanism to work together to create new movements so that the entire Nakayama area can enjoy the art. We would like to leave forever-beloved art works in this area so that they can be appreciated anytime, especially for children who forge the future of this area.

2015 年度参加団体