Makoto Nomura x Awaji Tile, “Music of Kawara /Musik Genteng 2015” Japan-Indonesia Exchange Program

Asahi Art Festival 2015


This is an exchange project throughout the year that connects Japan and Indonesia through “Music of Kawara (tile)” with following exchange programs:
(1) Artist-in-residence program “Jatiwangi Ceramic Music Festival2015”  The participants will join “Ceramic Music Festival” in Jatiwangi, Indonesia.Participants: Makoto Nomura, Kuymiko Yabu & Kawara (tile) music band, Kentaro Ueda (video artist), other professionals including local tile artisans

(2) Debrief session about achievements in  the visit to Indonesia and exhibition to propose a new tile culture- Exhibition: by artists including Makoto Nomura, Kumiko Yabu, designers and local tile artisans- Musicians to be invited (plan): Memet Chairul Slamet and Dodon Ko Dir



NPO Awajishima Art Center


In cooperation with local communities as well as people outside the island, we conduct Awaji-shima Art Festival every summer to rediscover, appreciate and introduce attractions of Awaji-shima. We also publish a local information magazine. Our activities: Planning of art events and designs; Support to artists; Exhibition, networking event and art projects; Operation of Hinode Café (when events are held); Planning, production and sales of original goods Recent achievements: 2013: Conducted Awaji-shima Art Festival. 2014: Organized projects and events of “Music of Kawara (tile),” “Tanuki(Raccoon dog) 1000 years Festival” and “GOSSA Walking Museum.” (All three projects are still going on.)

2015 年度参加団体