TSUNAGARU WAN PROJECT (Connecting to the Future Gulf Project)

Asahi Art Festival 2014

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Study groups and cultural exchange meetings are regularly held to learn about culture in Shiogama and the Matsushima Bay area. Aside from the issuance and distribution of newsletters to the said areas, tourist activities that offer experiences in marine culture are also conducted, and presentations about local culture are given to visitors from outside of the region.





The Tsunagaru Wan Project began in Shiogama City, Miyagi Prefecture last 2013, with the goals of rediscovering, relishing, sharing and expressing sea culture that we have been cultivated, as well as seizing opportunities to create connections among areas and people from a standpoint that differs from the “viewpoint from land” which has become the normal way of looking at things in the present day. In 2013, we implemented four projects based in Higashimatsushima, Matsushima, Rifu, Shiogama and Shichigahama, places that collectively share Matsushima Bay. In 2014, we continue to create fellowships among the people living in the same region, increase the communicability to other regions, and pursue the creation of art works by artists with the region as their subject. Through these programs, new “alliances” which differ from the notions of unification or equality are borne; and while respecting each area’s history and culture, we continue to nurture the same path towards the future. We endeavor to rediscover the awesomeness of living in this bay, and of living in Japan surrounded by the sea.

2014 年度参加団体