"Enjoying Edo: Edo Food Culture"

Asahi Art Festival 2014


The Sumida River Art Project 2014's program will include a series of lectures on the theme of “Edo Food Culture”, as well as a night festival at the Ushijima Shrine. Edo dishes will also be served at cafes in the city. Now in its fourth year, the Ensembles Parade will invite participants to create a new type of Bon festival dance! The festival will take place day and night, with programs changing on a day-to-day basis. We welcome you to learn and enjoy the wisdom of the Edo Period offered in this contemporary, festive setting!



Sumida River Art Project Executive Committee, Asahi Group Arts Foundation


Focusing on the Sumida River, which is an important local resource, this long, continuous art project started in 2009 and will go on until 2089. Many artists and citizens work together to once more make the Sumida River the kind of river where fish live and people swim and play. We collaborate and enjoy the river culture, to focus, feel, think and act on the Sumida River

2014 年度参加団体