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Yohaku Network “I have a personal need!”

Asahi Art Festival 2014


We will continue with the used book store “Yohaku-shoten”, and consider the value of errors that are expelled by market economy system. In addition, each member will continue his / her own expression which is a need for himself / herself.



Yohaku Koji no Kai


“Yohaku Koji no Kai” is a nationwide network of people who try to make margins in our existing social systems. There is no limitation on the genre and area. We encourage everyone to start his / her own expression or activity that is not forced by any other people. Our policies are to maintain uselessness and unnecessaries, to generate noises, and to try to coexist with others who have different purpose or different sense of values. Our leading works and projects are “Making Accessories by Soldering”(2011-) which misuses electronic parts, “Margin Walk”(2011-) which explores how to play on a suburban street, “Work Day”(2011-) that each participant carries out different activity sharing the same place, “Making Dinner Alternately”(2013-) which enjoys other ways of cooking, “Book Store Margin”(2013-) which evaluates valueless things.

2014 年度参加団体