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An Unofficial Product Exhibit 

Asahi Art Festival 2014


Products included in An Unofficial Product Exhibition are there because someone found them interesting, that's the only criteria. Continuing from last year, this year we have been exploring the idea of "someone's interests" though our two traveling projects: "An Unofficial Product Exhibit," and "An Unofficial Product Exhibit's ‘Arukikata’".



Hikoushiki Bussan Ten (Unofficial Product Exhibition)


An Unofficial Product Exhibit is small, it's personal, and it's the sort of product exhibition that anyone could put together. The difference between this exhibit and the sort of product exhibit you can see in department stores and in town is that the items displayed or sold are items found by travelers whose interests the items fit. By displaying items such as souvenirs, or even the experiences themselves of these trips as products, the exhibit brings new travelers together with those places. By displaying and sharing personal interests in this form, we are placing it in the spotlight as a product, and we can bring it to the attention of people who weren't previously engaged. By doing so, we can bring together many people's interests.

2014 年度参加団体